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The Core of Our Program

Step-N-Stone breeds American Shetland Ponies. We own many accomplished stallions, several of them are shown below.   Our stallions are all DNA'd and those we have bred ourselves have Proof of Parentage from University of California at Davis.  In many cases the stallion has been tested for the Red Factor (capable of siring sorrel or chestnut) and, where appropriate, has been tested to see if they are homozygous for pinto.   Because we are fortunate enough to have a battery of stallions available to use, we do not breed many mares to any one stallion.  Each year there are only a very limited number of foals from any particular stallion and some years, based on the well being of our stallions and their show committments, we do not breed certain stallions at all. Available get can be seen on the Sale Page. Thank you for your interest.

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Lester The Jester
Scotch Label - Superior Sire & Hall of Fame, Halter
Chicago Mil-Lee
Foaled June 2000
Sorrel & White Pinto Stallion
PSF's Fancy Silhouette
Sandman Cody's Satin N.T.A. - Superior Dam
44 1/2" tall, Roulette has already finished to the Classic Halter Hall of Fame.  Reserve Grand Champion Classic Stallion at 2002 Congress and was the No. 1 Classic Model Stallion at Congress and for the 2002 All Stars.  He is a wonderful Classic and has the size and temperament that we breed for.  He is now working on his Performance Hall of Fame.  In 2005, Fog Ranch was happy to announce the arrival of a stunning palomino filly and knock out bay pinto colt by Roulette. The colt, "Mack," is for sale. Visit Fog Ranch Ponies or call them at (831) 724-6108 for details.
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Lester The Jester
Scotch Label - Superior Sire & Hall of Fame, Halter
Chicago Mil-Lee
Foaled April 1998
Black & White Pinto Stallion
Sundance Cody's Sandman N.T.A.
Sandman Cody's Satin N.T.A. - Superior Dam
Pierre Cody's Jet Star N.T.A.
At 44 1/2" high, Hotshot is proving to be  a promising young Classic son out of the Hall of Fame, Superior Sire, Scotch Label.  His dam, Sandman Cody's Satin N.T.A. is a granddaughter of the famed Silver Mane's Pierre Cody and,while unshown herself, has been an excellent broodmare and was named Superior Dam in 2002.   Hotshot appears to be following in the footsteps of both parents: his first son, Step-N-Stone's Midnight Star finished to Hall of Fame in 2003.  See more of his get on the Sale Page.  Black Pinto.
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Scotch Label - Hall of Fame, Halter & Superior Sire
Step-N-Stone's Label Me A Hotshot - Hall of Fame, Halter
Sandman Cody's Satin N.T.A. - Superior Dam
Foaled June 2001
Black Stallion
Mindakota Challenger
Cody's Secret Star N.T.A. - Superior Dam
Satan Cody's Secret NTA
Midnight Star has had a wonderful time in the show ring, finishing to the Halter Hall of Fame in just one year.  He was named Grand Champion Stallion by 12 of 14 judges and was the Grand Champion Classic Stallion and the Classic Champion of Champions at the National Area VII Show, held in Plymouth, CA.  He retires from the show ring and will join our battery of stallions in the breeding barn.
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Georgetown's Cisco Kid
Georgetown's Tom Cat - Hall of Fame, Performance
The Vindicator
Foaled June
Chestnut & White Pinto Stallion
Pony-Vista's Sir Gallahad
Connie's 1st
Miss Connie
Red Pinto. 43" tall. Carries one copy of the Bay gene. DNA'd. He is one of our smaller stallions and one of the most Classic in type. We refer to E.J. as our "diamond in a dungheap"-- only because few people have seen him or know much about him. He was shown very lightly as a yearling, winning Res. Grand Champion at the National Area VII Show that year. As a two year old, he suffered an injury that ended his show career. While his show career may be over, he is just beginning to show his worth in the breeding shed. The HOF fame mare, Step-N-Stone's Cinnamon Paprika, is by him and is an example of the fine animals that he sires. We love our E.J. foals and hope to breed him more heavily in the future.

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