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The Mares of Step-N-Stone

Our mares are the mainstay of our breeding program.  We believe that without a good mare, even the best stallion will not sire as desired. We have selected our mares for not only bloodlines, conformation, temperament and size, but also color.  The full spectrum of color of the American Shetland Pony is represented in our broodmare band, from buckskin/palomino, to silver dapple/silver bay and with all the other colors in between in both solid and pinto.   As with our stallions, all our mares are DNA'd, and if bred by us, they have Proof of Parentage.  They have been tested for the various color genes through the Genetics Lab at the University of California at Davis. Get of these mares may be seen on the Sale Page. There are now three pages of mares. Check 'em out.

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Ivana's Mixup
Carl Anna
Foaled March 1995
Bay & White Pinto Mare
Sundance Cody's Sandman N.T.A.
Sandman Cody's Satin N.T.A. - Superior Dam
Pierre Cody's Jet Star N.T.A.
44 1/2"  Classic Bay Pinto.  Jazz was one of the first mares that we bought.   Her dam is the Superior Dam, Sandman Cody's Satin N.T.A..  Jazz combines two of the oldest and best bloodlines in California --Ivana/N.T.A.  She had a limited show record as a yearling and made the All Stars for that year.  She has a wonderful trot and temperament and is one of our 'keeper' mares. 
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Mindakota Challenger
Cody's Jazz Bo N.T.A.
Sundance Cody's Shady Lady N.T.A.
Foaled February 1998
Mindakota Challenger
Cody's Secret Star N.T.A. Superior Dam
Satan Cody's Secret NTA
Starfire is one of our more extreme Classic mares.  She is a solid silver bay, and is 44 1/2," possibly 45" tall.  She has a powerful trot and a high-headed way of moving.  Known on the circuit as "Jim's Mare," she is Jim Curry's favorite mare. She is a half-sibling to Step-N-Stone's Midnight Star and together she and he have made their dam, Cody's Secret Star N.T.A., a Superior Dam.  Her first foal arrived in 2004, by T.C.'S Copy Cat, a 441/2" black pinto stallion by Georgetown's Tom Cat and out of a Rocket bred mare.  Starfire is destined, we hope, to become one of the matriarchs of our herd. 
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Georgetown's Tom Cat
Double Stuf Hall of Fame
Rocket's Diamond Jewel Hall of Fame
Foaled Ma
rch 2003
Sorrel & White Mare
Sundance Cody's Sandman N.T.A.
Sandman Cody's Cinnamon N.T.A. Hall of Fame
Sandman Cody's Betty Boop N.T.A.

Cinnamon Spice is a mare that is bred in the purple and would be a great addition to either a breeding herd or the show ring.  Both her dam and sire are Superior and she is homozgyous for pinto.  She also carries one copy of the Bay gene and is 43 1/4" +/- tall.  She hasn't been worked with a great deal, and for any prospective buyer, after a down payment, we would be willing to add 30 days of training with Regina Nelson at Nelson Training Stables. 

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Pierre Cody's Sundance N.T.A.
Sundance Cody's Sandstorm N.T.A.
Pierre Cody's Victoria N.T.A.
Foaled May 2004

Palomino M
are -- Foundation Bred
PSF's All That Jazz
Sandman Cody's Satin N.T.A.

Jam is Country Pleasure HOP. She is a full sister to Step-N-Stone's Scarlett Charlotte and is also one of our pure Califorina bloodline mares, carrying both N.T.A. (heavily Pierre Cody) and Ivana bloodlines. A sweet, willing mare, we're looking forward to driving her, and eventually, breeding her. She's in the 44" range.





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